Send text messages from your number using a computer with MobiTexter

The app can be used to send text messages from your phone number using your computer.

Mobitexter is a tiny app. But its nice and simple. The app can be used to send text messages from your phone number using your computer.

After downloading the app onto your phone, you need to go to MobiTexter’s website on the computer and login with Google. Once this is done, you are set to send and receive text messages from your computer through your phone.

The beauty of it is that once connected to your phone, it can be used to send and receive messages from your phone number using a desktop even if you have left the phone at home. Its also a great tool for people wanting to send group messages.

The device need not be connected to the computer physically and it can be located anywhere.

We were about to write that the apps web interface is a bit utilitarian and simple for my taste but it works. But then, it looks like MobiTexter got a user interface upgrade recently. It looks much cleaner now.

Phone numbers and contacts that aren’t synced won’t show up on the web interface. MobitexterMobitexter is being built by a team of developers and uses Google’s App Engine. So far the app has had over 15,000 downloads and has a 4.5 rating on Google play store. The team members are bootstrapping the product and are planning to set up a company soon. It was started by Adarsh Kumar, an Android developer, Devashish Mamgain, who takes care of server side development, Noushad Siddiqui who works on Social Networking, Analytics and User Interface, Rohit Pandey who works on the client side and server side scripting  and a three others who are students.

Devashish Mamgain says that they will soon enable free app to app texting like Whatsapp and an option to send text messages using the mobile app or the website. They are also planning add the text to email feature, personalised sms template for group messaging and scheduled texting. The team wants to operate on a freemium model.

How different is it from Google Talk’s messaging feature? Mobitexter sends the messages through the users phone and carrier and has conversation threads going on. Users can’t send messages to numbers listed on the Do Not Disturb directory from Google but its possible to do that from Mobitexter.

Messages are stored on Google hosted servers and the users device. When someone un installs the app, messages aren’t deleted from the phone and stays on the web until you delete the messages from the server.

MobiTexter has enough competition in the form of products like MightyText  which do the same thing and are at a much more advanced stage of development when it comes to sending text messages from your computer or tablet. Mightytext has more than 1.5 million users and it will be interesting to see how MobiTexter stacks up against it.

Give MobiTexter a spin and let us know what you think. (Download here)

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