MithaiMate – Sweets@ Your Doorstep

India is a land of festivals and frankly, we need no occasion to have loads of sweets. Mithaimate, banking on India’s love for sweets and the embedded culture of gifting sweets has launched their online store that enables that enables people to order sweets via their portal.

Mithaimate has partnered with few selected sweet shops (one per city, present only in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi) – customers can order sweets using the portal (accepts credit card payment) and the sweets are delivered by Mithaimate staff (within the same day or next, depending on time of order).

Service like this typically go very well with the NRI segment (costs are higher on the site, compared to what you get at the store –so local market is restricted) and there are tons of other websites that delivers the same service.

Infact, this a pure SEO game (to start off), and if Mithaimate has to compete with sites like infibeam/ indiagiftsportal, they better increase their inventory. Most importantly, bring a fresh feel to the overall experience of shopping mithai online is what can differentiate them (over the web1.0 feel of other sites).

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