Send Voice Messages This Valentine’s Day Using mCupid

Valentine’s day is a week from now and if you really want to do something interesting, add your voice message along with the gift or flowers you are sending.

Newly launched service, mCupid provides service (APIs) to online florist or gift sellers, which allow users to add voice message along with the gifts, as a replacement of regular message cards.mcupid

Here is how it works:

  • Once the sender opts for Voice Message, the website would ask for the Sender and Receiver phone numbers(if you have not already), to be passed on to mCupid API.
  • The sender would call mCupid (01140440011) to record his message.
  • The message can be recorded as many times till the sender is satisfied within two hours.
  • Upon Delivery of Gift, the receiver would Dial mCupid mentioned on the card to hear the personalized message as many times as she wishes (receiver gets a message “Call: 01140440011 from your mobile to listen to your personal voice message by the <sender>”).

valentine day messages

mCupid service essentially adds value to the sites that enable consumers to send online gifts and the APIs are priced based on the number of messages (Rs. 2,000 for 200 messages, 4K for 500), though I am not sure why the positioning has been done keeping cupid in mind (i.e. valentine’s day et al).

A service like this can be used for any online gifting and adds a great amount of value to the end user, as long as ecommerce sites are able to extract more mullahs for this service.

The question is would you pay extra to an ecommerce service for adding voice messaging, while you are sending a gift?

Aside, Voiee was one of a great concept, but has now hit the deadpool.

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