Wishonphone–Send Voice Greeting to any phone in the world

Want to make somebody feel special? Send a personalized greeting to your friend in UK? Gone are the days of those text greetings – just wish on phone and your wish shall be granted. Chennai based Tangylabs has launched Wishonphone , a wonderful tool that enables people to create musical recorded greetings and send them to friends and relatives.mixer

The site handles everything related to creating a musical greeting and sending them to phones. The startup have created a powerful and easy to use audio mixing and sequencing tool which helps in creating the greeting. A mini Garageband within the browser if you may, but easier to use than the popular Apple software tool.

At the core of Wishonphone product is EasyMixer, a super cool (and simple) utility that enables you to create the greeting message. Using EasyMixer, you can record your own voice, add stock music or upload MP3 during the recording session and once you are done, you can send the greeting to the desired phone number. The tool Easymixer was built from scratch with SoundManager2 APIs (SM2).

The greeting is scheduled by selecting date, time, time-zone and phone number of the recipient. But you need to purchase credits in order to schedule greetings (which can be sent to all kinds of phones in over 150 countries) and that’s where lies the monetization model for Wishonphone.

In terms of roadmap, Wishonphone is working on integration with Facebook and I believe, they’d need to take the operator route for increasing the usage of the service. Creating a destination site for musical greetings ain’t that easy and given their monetization plans, they should be partnering with operator and offer Wishonphone as premium VAS.

Overall, an interesting product to watch out for. Given that it comes from MBA geeks (founder Balachandran Rajaraman is a graduate in Computer Engineering and an MBA from IIM Indore), I’d certainly hope that they focus on marketing/selling the product very aggressively (and not just leave it at launch stage, which is where a lot of interesting ideas die).

Offer for Pluggd.in Readers:

Use the keyword ‘’PIROCKS” (without quotes) and the first 100 users get the service for free! Time starts now. And once you have used the service, please share your feedback with Wishonphone team (as a blog post at Pluggd.in).

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