Sendy Pricing Strategy: A smart move or..too confusing?

So we do use Sendy for our email newsletter and one of the thing that irks me about Sendy is the pricing structure, which is quite unique.
Sendy‘s pricing structure is based on version release cycle. Yes, you buy the base software and you buy the license for each release.

While this sounds good on paper, here is where I have two questions around the pricing structure. If you are into SAAS, I’d definitely recommend you to explore the pricing structure.
Where is the visibility into a release?
Ideally, one would like to see the release roadmap or a sense of what you “will” get in a certain version.
For how long will you continue with a version?
For instance, V3.0 was launched after V2.1.2.8 !  There was no V2.2, 2.3 – straight 3.0. Is V3.x going to continue till 2018? Or..?

To me, this seems too inconsistent and I am sure many users will just ‘wait and watch’ before upgrading (after all, base software is $59 and each release is priced at $29).
Instead, why not just launch an annual plan? Or plug and play feature add-ons?
What’s your take?


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