Of Job Search and Mobile Devices : Apple Devices rule senior job searches in India [Report]


Of Job Search and Mobile Devices : Apple Devices rule senior job searches in India [Report]

There is definitely a class war between Android and Apple user segment and is quite evident from senior job search service accessed via mobile devices on HeadHonchos, a job search portal.

Amongst the operating systems used to access the senior job search portal, there has been a massive increase of 255% in access via Android devices in the last 12 months, followed by increase in access via iOS (108%) and Blackberry (61%). Together the three operating systems, Android, Blackberry and iOS make up for most of the mobile traffic.

From the product/brand perspective, a chunk of traffic comes from Apple (36%) and Samsung (23%) devices. The largest growth in traffic has come from Samsung devices and this has grown at double the pace at which traffic from Apple devices has grown (also see: Smartphone market share in India: Samsung rules). Interestingly, from almost a negligible share in usage last year, tablet share has reached almost 30% of all mobile traffic usage.

Though HeadHonchos doesn’t seem to have a very significant traffic (alexa rank shows that it is ranked 4,800+ in India, though Alexa cannot be blindly trusted), but the report surely reinforces the growth of Samsung and Apple devices among the senior management segment (surprisingly, Nokia doesn’t feature in this list) and need for app developers to target this segment in a more focused manner.

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