Senseforth Helps You Make Informed Decisions With Its NLP Based Platform [UnPluggd PitchStop]

senseforthIt would be simpler to buy products online if there were a system to cut through the clutter that a search engine generates for a search. With Senseforth technologies’ product ‘Senseforth’ this may just be possible.

A startup from Bangalore, Senseforth Technologies has devised a way to help buyers make better, informed decisions. Senseforth aids in decision making by sorting through millions of opinions that a search engine throws up for a given product, and quantifies the opinions in one place using percentage figures.

How Does It Work?

Senseforth UnPluggd
Krishna Kadiri, Co-founder, Senseforth at UnPluggd

The software uses Natural Language Algorithms (NLP) to sort through emotions and opinions in the content search engines throw up. The algorithms first collect the data by pulling them from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It then collects the positive and negative opinions about entities before delivering the insights gained. Insights about a particular product are displayed in quantified percentages of negative or positive response. Senseforth’s insights are delivered both on their website, as well as through plug ins on other websites.

“The difference in our technology is the NLP platform. We’re using an approach that combines linguistics and ontology. Even MIT’s Luminoso doesn’t use this technology. They are still stuck with machine learning.” says Krishna Kadiri, Co-founder at Senseforth. Luminoso was a Massachusetts Institute of Technology project in text analytics to decipher opinions and patterns in texts.

Among those who have begun research to implement ‘deep learning’ or processing information to get user insights, is Facebook. Kadiri is confident of beating the networking giant at this game. “We feel that we will build a better system simply because of the structured approach we have taken here.” he says.

However, the company says that the NLP is currently not fully accurate as it doesn’t read into sarcasm or humour in sentences. Seneforth’s technology is currently being employed to gain insights into opinions over tablets, mobile phones and for elections 2014.

The startup launched their product at the winter edition of UnPluggd.

Watch SenseForth launch at UnPluggd

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