TouchMagix turns any floor/wall to an interactive surface

TouchMagix is a Pune based startup that has built a sensor based application that easily turns any open floor / wall area into an exciting experience of movement, fun and interaction.

Essentially, TouchMagix combines intuitive human body motion with interactive floor projected and wall projected displays.

Products launched by TouchMagix:


MagixFloor turns any floor into a multi-point interactive surface. The interactive display can be triggered from minimum 11 feet away from the floor.

The content responds to consumer movement to entice further interaction. A floor projected advertisement / game reacts when consumers approach the TouchMagix digitally-formatted content. Their positions are instantly recognized, enabling different levels of interaction based on their position on the display.

TouchMagix sensor technology provides high quality multi-point gesture recognition, enabling content developers to focus on content design


MagixWall turns any wall surface or a back projected display into a multi-point interactive surface.

The startup’s business model revolves around working with advertisers, creative agencies, retail malls etc and promises to deliver a better RoI (the touchy experience translates into a strong brand recall).

The company has also launched an open SDK for content developers to develop content using wide range of softwares like Adobe Flash, Adobe Director, 3DS Max etc. for MagixFloor and MagixWall.

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