SEO Tips – How to use Google to your advantage [Free Marketing Tips for startups]


SEO Tips – How to use Google to your advantage [Free Marketing Tips for startups]

[As part of our fortnightly theme, ‘Free Marketing Tips for Startups’, here is presenting a collection of useful articles we have already covered].

Companies that are cash strapped cannot spend money on advertising and if your website is the prime information channel for your business, you need to really get strong with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy as well as creative means to attract users.

Here are a few useful articles we have published earlier.

Demystifying SEO and SEM for Startups

Any new company must work on SEO and SEM at the same time and as time passes they must rely more heavily on SEO more than SEM to generate traffic. This graph explains the relationship between your reliance on SEO vs SEM. The more time you spend on SEO, the lesser energy and money you will have to spend on SEM.

SEO vs SEM Graph
SEO vs SEM Graph

Important Parameters for SEO


  • It’s important to know which keywords are important to optimize for. If you are a retailer of bean bags, it’s important to know what consumers type in Google while searching for bean bags. There are many tools available on Google that help you generate this for you. Try the keyword tool in Google AdWords or wordtracker.


  • Ensure that the title of your page is not more than 60 characters.
  • If you and your competitor have the particular keyword in equal quantities on your title, the next factor becomes the placement of keyword

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Free classifieds as an effective and cheap marketing tool

Online classifieds today provide a very easy, fast and free medium for sellers to reach out to customers. However while going classifieds way to advertise your products/ website or business it is important for startups to focus on classifieds which are search engine optimized to achieve maximum result for their efforts.

  1. Search for key words like “free classifieds” or “post free ads” through search engine and preferably your target country specific search engine. As a rule of thumb sites which would list on first 2 pages would be very good SEO friendly classified sites.
  2. Visit these classifieds and shortlist the ones which offer categories where your products fit in. Prepare this list for your campaign and keep updating frequently as these rankings change very fast.

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SEO for Startups

Check out this presentation by Mayank, Marketing Head of that was delivered at meetup.

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