Seraja shuts down: cites lack of focus as the reason for closure

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Seraja shuts down: cites lack of focus as the reason for closure

seraja : event webSeraja, the event web startup promoted by Rajesh Jain has decided to bring halt to it’s current development.

Ramesh Jain, co-founder and the man behind Seraja writes in his blog:

“Sometimes due to lack of focus a particular company is not successful. I feel that was the case in the last Seraja also. We could not focus on where should this be used initially to refine it and make it usable before going to other applications.

Anything that tries to address multiple applications from the beginning, ends up addressing no application. And that happened with Seraja. A good lesson. But too late for Seraja. And a funny thing is that we knew it but we could not control other factors to overcome the problem. Well, so is the life of an entrepreneur.”

The site will be up ‘n’ running and will be used by Ramesh Jain for his research activity, but as far as consumer side is concerned, consider it shortcircuited.

I believe one of the most significant challenge with Seraja was the core of it’s offering : events + web and that too for the Indian market (well, the app was designed for global market, but was way too popular for Seraja to gain traction).
The product’s design didn’t solve any basic pain and given the hep alternatives (like upcoming), the usage was fairly minimal.

Nevertheless, I have lots of respect for Ramesh Jain and Rajesh Jain and really wish them best of luck for their other ventures.

Meanwhile, Seraja joins shortcircuit planet.

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