Sesame Street, Wallace and Gromit – One Google, Multiple Doodles [Seasonality Matters]

Sesame Street, Wallace and Gromit – One Google, Multiple Doodles. Today, Google is running multiple multiple doodles across the world, connecting to people across the globe. And what’s happening to Yahoo and Bing? They are probably sleeping or working on the ‘next’ big ‘marketing’ campaign, while Google is creating buzz all over.


Google has 2 doodles running across the globe – Google UK is celebrating 20th birthday of animated characters, Wallace and Gromit; and everywhere else  Goog is sporting the all time awesome Sesame street doodles.

What’s interesting is that sesame street has been customized to Indian version for Google India (chamki & boombah)



sesame streeet 


I have said this probably a good number of times earlier (Why Seasonality Matters? Few Lessons from Google, Of party season and the lazy startups in India) on how such simple customizations help brands connect to consumers.

How many of us knew that today marks the 40th anniversary of Sesame street? Well, Google just brings that fresh piece of knowledge while others like Yahoo/Bing just remain as static as they shouldn’t be.

Does all this ‘Doodling’ matter?

You don’t have a human touch, unless you actually make an attempt to relate to your user’s emotions.

As a consumer/user of your service, people do tend to relate to ‘service which they like and trust. Liking and Trust from how closely they related to your service/what do they ‘think’ of your service – all in their subconscious mind.

Ask your friend, what do they think of Google? Chances are that they’ll say it’s an innovative company – while most of Google’s recent ‘innovation’ haven’t done well so far (too early to say the impact wave will have).

So what makes them believe that Google is an innovative company? Infact, have you ever wondered why a simple tweak/feature release from Google gets far more buzz than other companies?

What stops Yahoo/Microsoft/AOL to not tweak their logos and celebrate ‘history? Maybe it’s not in their DNA (even small change in Google is noticed, thanks to their minimalistic principle), but what’s really important for companies is to see how can they relate more to users?

What’s your opinion?

Meanwhile, watch this fun video of Gali Gali Sim Sim (the Indian version of Sesame Street)

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