Seth Godin: Instagram or Facebook is NOT your marketing strategy; Marketing tools will not solve your problem

Seth Godin on Marketing strategies often used by new age entrepreneurs and marketing teams.

I start by pointing out that that is not a marketing strategy. That is a media tactic. The marketing strategy is who is it for and what is it for. What change are you trying to make? What story will you tell those people? And after they engage with your product, what will they tell their friends? Those are the questions I would challenge them to begin with.

There are no marketing tools that will solve your problems. If you are willing to let the chief marketing officer be in charge of product development, customer service, and all the rest of it then she can probably accomplish something. But you know what we call the person who does all that? We call that person the president or the CEO. If you are an entrepreneur then it is your job to market your vision to your employees and your prospects. It is the hardest job you have.

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