Setup Your Facebook Store Using Ravox, Kochi Based Startup

After Facebook rolled out payments last year, commerce on the social networking platform is slowly picking up. Meet Ravox, a company that is making it possible (and really easy) for small merchants to sell on Facebook.

Unlike the companies which only enable merchants to sell to their fans through Facebook stores, Ravox helps them sell through their social marketplace and affiliates. Kochi based Ravox has over 900 customers currently, says it’s founder Aji Abraham.

On signing up, it gives you a neat dashboard led inventory management solution as well as the abilities to create coupon codes and manage users. We found the signup fairly simple (no coding needed!). It just took me less than 5 minutes to setup a basic store.Ravox

Currently, the service is free for merchants. However, the next release will have paid plans with monthly subscriptions as well, said Abraham. the company gets 10% of sales that comes from Ravox social marketplace and 3% of sales from Ravox social affiliates.

Ravox supports only major currencies like USD, Canadian Dollars, GBP and the Euro through PayPal. “In market with established E-commerce, Facebook commerce is acting as additional channel. In market like India Facebook commerce can be the primary channel. That is huge,” said Abraham who was formerly the CEO of iScripts, an Internet software development company.

The solution seems simple to use but could really use more payment options. It is not customized for the Indian market (Read :Paypal Blocks Purchasing Goods From Indian Account) but as long as the company is going after larger markets such as US & the Euro zone, it doesn’t have to worry about any of that.Ravox Analytics

There are US based companies like Payvment and Storefront Social that let you create storefronts on Facebook. In India, you have the likes of Sellmojo, which recently partnered with Facebook India to help sellers build a page and Exprestore that help you setup a Facebook store quickly.

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