Shaadi Gets Katrina Kaif as Ambassador? Unethical Advertising Continues


Shaadi Gets Katrina Kaif as Ambassador? Unethical Advertising Continues

After our last report on the new low of advertising, Shaadi has gone a step ahead and got Katrina Kaif to endorse. Call it coincidence but the ad is again on Facebook only.

Katrina endorsing Shaadi (the ad directs to

This of course does not look like a real endorsement deal. Not only is this unethical but also illegal, unless Katrina has a profile on Shaadi. Some of ours readers commented that this is not being done by Shaadi directly but by one of their affiliates, so isn’t Shaadi responsible for their own brand?

We are left with 2 questions, should there be strict policy for affiliates? and also, should Facebook verify authority of landing page before accepting advertisements?

The second issue can be be solved easily by asking advertisers to verify website ownership, the way Google Webmaster does. It might introduce a little friction but would only help Facebook mature as an advertising platform.

Solving the first issue would mean lesser traffic for Shaadi. Are they willing to do that?

If this is an official deal, we are happy to apologize. Otherwise Katrina’s agent [or even Salman Khan], please take note of this. Go ahead and sue Shaadi. This will serve as a lesson for others as well.

Hat tip – Anshul Agrawal.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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