India Innovation Fund invests in life science technology company Shantani Proteome Analytics

India Innovation Fund (IIF)  along with Blume Ventures as co-investor, has made an investment in Shantani Proteome Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Incubated at the National Chemical Laboratories’ Venture Center at Pune, Shantani develops advanced technology applications for use by drug discovery organisations for drug target discovery. Shantani also develops in-house drug discovery programs in defined therapeutic areas. shantani

Shantani’s proprietary chemical proteomics technology platform is used to identify and validate a few but rightful targets (cellular binding partners) of drugs and drug like bioactive molecules in a very short period of time allowing savings of 50-70 per cent in cost and time over existing strategies. It is also valuable for drug repositioning purposes and for identifying off-target interactions of a drug to understand its toxicity profile.

Company’s technology can be utilized in the following scenarios:

  • Phenotype Based Drug Discovery – Identify the targets of bioactive molecule to allow ‘lead-optimization’

  • Target Based Drug Discovery – Identify the off-targets of lead compounds from human cell models to assist in the ‘lead optimization’ and ‘candidate-selection’

  • Drug Repositioning / Repurposing – Identify newer targets of existing drugs to provide a scientific and rational basis for repurposing