Tranz – Share Files (Music, Videos) with your Phone Contacts

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Tranz – Share Files (Music, Videos) with your Phone Contacts

I have said this earlier as well and even now with all the new socionet tools available, I strongly believe that one’s mobile contact book is still the most active and relevant social network and reinforcing my belief is a fresh product, Tranz, launched by Kerala based Innoz (who earlier launched SMSGyaan).

Tranz is an operator independent service (download link) that lets you share files, pictures, videos with your phone book contacts, i.e. a closed group social network.

Share Files with Mobile Contacts
Share Files with Mobile Contacts

Features supported by Tranz includes:

  • Live Feeds
    Share your thoughts; get to know what’s latest with your friends and what’s latest on your friends’ phones.
  • Private Send
    Private Send is a feature that allows you to privately share any file with your friend thus making Tranz a very personal tool.
  • Shout
    Some files always are the talking point among your friends.This feature helps you to let your friends know which file is driving you crazy by adding your thoughts and shouting about the file.
  • Compose message
    As the name suggests this feature lets you send direct messages to your friends. Built in such a way that it is simple to write and send to one or more friends like an email and very easy to view and reply like an sms.

Right now Tranz supports all Java enabled handsets, but soon will be launching native applications for Symbian, iPhone & Android.

Do give the service a spin and share your feedback with the team.

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