Appnomy App of the Day: Wayr [Location Sharing App that does not need Internet Connectivity]

Many popular location sharing apps have existed for a while now, but majority of them have had three big pain points – users need to have internet connection, they need to be opted-in, wayr_256x256and they need to be using the same app at both the ends. Wayr has created a disruptively simple solution for this painful problem. By communicating location over a SMS/text message, Wayr has ensured that the location can be shared even when the receiver does not have the app installed, or even when an internet connection is unavailable. And given that location message can now be delivered even to non-smartphones, Wayr has increased the reach of location sharing apps by a long yard.

Wayr is useful when you want to keep your family informed without having to call them up every hour. It is also useful if you are a small-scale business that wants to keep track of your consignments or mobile salespeople without having to use costly GPS devices everywhere.

Wayr is a simple location sharing app that works across platforms using SMS as the method of delivery. User can set the start & end times, interval and Wayr would automatically take care of sending an SMS at the specified interval. It automatically makes use of both the GPS and the Cell ID, so it works with good accuracy even when you are indoors.

Wayr App Details

Operating System(s): Symbian 60 (S60)
Pricing : Paid
Available in App Store: Nokia Ovi App Store
Supported Phone: Symbian^1 and Symbian^3 devices

Download Link:

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