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Even though you can share messages, pictures and videos in multiple ways like instant messaging, social networking sites and email online, all these services come with issues like requiring a login or having a client already installed. is a new tool which allows anyone to share stuff between multiple users without any hassle. All you need to do is type in your browser and the website creates a socket for you. At present one can only send messages and links but in the future one will be able to send images, videos and pretty much any type of file. The person who needs to receive the files just needs to go to the socket link and the messages will begin appearing in real time. Nothing is stored on the server.

One can also choose to remain anonymous or set a nick name so that people know who is sending a message.

This is different from instant messaging as one does not require a login for So one can remain anonymous if you wish. It is also intended to be more real-time sharing platform.

The socket names are pre-shared secrets but all sockets are public right now so anyone who knows or can guess the socket name can join the conversation. We think that this does lack privacy and security.  The developers say this is the intended behavior and was designed in a way that nobody can hijack someone’s connection in a socket and no identity is either shared or gathered by the server.

The idea for was born when a team of 5 developers, who were working in the same environment, needed to share small things like links, pictures and videos to each other. They found that emailing, tweeting or sending things via Facebook takes too long, and wanted a quick way to share things and a way to keep their inboxes clutter free. That is how they came up with the idea to just’ type an URL and share something.’

In the near future, they plan to have reserved sockets (e.g.… etc). These sockets will have owners, who will be able to make a socket private, mute it or have a password to protect it. There is also a rest API on the way, which will be able to connect to anything like a coffee machine to alert you about stuff. The machines will need minimal necessary equipment to connect to

Mobile apps and ‘share via’ kind of features are also planned. One of the priorities of the developers is to put it behind SSL and make it more secure.

The developers are likely to charge for reserved and commercial sockets in the future.

While the service is very basic at present it was very functional and we found ourselves sharing quick messages through the service regularly. We hope the developers implement the planned features as soon as possible and we can see ourselves using this service a lot more.

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