Upload, Share & Access Music Anywhere With Cloud Based Muslate

MuslateLooking to upload, share and access music on the go? Try Muslate, a cloud based music storage service which lets you upload, share and access music from anywhere.

Once you sign up using an e-mail address, the service lets you upload songs, organise them into playlists and listen to them. It also lets you search for songs uploaded by others and listen to them. The now playing section on the site streams music.

The company was founded last month by NIT Kurukshetra graduate Rohit Goyal who now works for a semiconductor company.

The idea is to make music sharing easy and a social experience. However, with the amount of pirated music going around,online music storage and sharing has always been a tricky thing.

Muslate has a lot of competition from large players who have already launched similar products. For instance, streaming music service Hungama had launched Music Cloud, which allows users to access music anywhere on any devices for free. Hungama’s music cloud, will give users unrestricted access to their music once it is synced with their Hungama account.

#nwplyng, an app we featured earlier, also lets you share what you are listening online. It doesn’t let you upload or download music though.

Internet music is a very competitive space with many players like Gaana, Saavn, Dhingana and Hungama slogging it out there for a larger user base.

The product has a few rough edges but is quite a nice way of music sharing.  The site gives you points for uploading music which can be spent on getting music from other users. We did a quick Q&A with Rohit to understand how it deals with copyrights and piracy. Edited Excerpts

Who owns the music?

Music will be owned by the users of the site as they are uploading it. Muslate.com takes no responsibility of any of the users content, which is specified in Terms Of Service as well. As we have seen in past, there were so many legal issues faced by service providers because there users had uploaded illegal content on site, so in order to avoid such issues and to have benefits of DMCA Safe Harbor law, Muslate.com takes no ownership/responsibility for any of the content uploaded by users.

If its owned by the person uploading it, is it legal to share playlists?  

In our Terms Of Service, there is a clause which states that Muslate.com can use any of the music uploaded by a user for purposes like broadcasting/streaming etc. so it is not illegal on part of Muslate.com to allow users to share playlists. But, it might come under copyrights infringement depending upon the rights the user (content owner) had for that playlist. This kind of thing can’t be controlled first hand and the only way to identify that it is an act of infringement is when a person (original owner) presents Muslate.com the required rights for the same. (Playlist will be removed from the site if it is found to be illegal).

Muslate.com also understands that users might not want to share all of their playlists for some reasons, so we are going to launch a new additional feature where users will be able to make their playlists private while creating them. So, those playlists won’t be displayed/shared/streamed for other users.

Assuming a legitimately purchased track is uploaded on Muslate and then shared/ broadcast on Muslate with other users, doesn’t that become illegal?

As already mentioned above, it is not illegal on part of Muslate.com to allow users to listen/share a music track uploaded by any Muslate.com user and also if it is found that any music track on Muslate.com comes under act of copyright infringement it will be taken down from site.

When music is uploaded, does it sit on your server?

Uploaded music sits on our server space, which we have taken from our Server Hosting service provider.

How do you intend to scale this up?

Providing users with Pre-Uploaded music which is most popular. This can be done by having contracts with famous Music Labels and Artists, so that users can directly listen to most popular music without any upload requirement and will need to only upload the rare music tracks which might be of their personal interest. This will also reduce chances of copyright infringement and music piracy.

Another big enhancement that we thinking of here at Muslate.com is to make the site more social by providing users the option of creating groups/circles etc. and that will allow users to know/share each others music interests.

Other small enhancements might include things like providing users options of color scheme to choose from etc.

Give the site a spin and let us know what you think.

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