Wish to share charts/formulas on your blog/email/forums, and let your visitors see the calculation/modify it?

Don’t worry – you need not run your desktop calculator or put formulas in excel sheet.
Just take a gig at instacalc – an online calculator.

Started by ex-Microsoft guy, Instacalc is a powerful tool to share calculation/formulas with site visitors. All you need to do is enter the relevant calculation/formula and save the link. You can share the link in your site/blog/email and get going!!

Instacalc may not have a great business model(atleast that’s what I believe), but it surely is an innovative idea and is fun to use!

Have a look at few interesting calculations: YouTube/Goog deal |Zune vs. iPod

Read Techcrunch review| Let your website do the talking(Meebome)


Hello World.

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