– lets animation artists come together.

Indian Startups – lets animation artists come together.

We netizens are so busy with YouTube, SlideShare and Flickr, that we forgot the possibility of sharing Flash Animations among the heroes of ActionScript. And this is exactly where has pitched in. ShareSWF allows animation artists to share their creations (based on Adobe’s Flash) and possibly achieve the same thing as others did in their respective fields – broadcast into social media!

Ideally, I’d expect a content sharing web 2.0 application such as shareSWF to emphasize strongly on social networking tools (such as connect with other animators, comments, collaboration & interactions among users, allowing user generated categories etc.) on the home page itself, but then ShareSWF has focused only on animations on their website as of now. The application has a clear niche and great utility, even though its a bit buggy at present (Immediate feedback: Do not send the password of the user through the signup confirmation email puhleeeeeze! And place only one large button to show UPLOAD link (right now there are two!) and the layout needs a closer look and perhaps cross browser compatibility too.)

The idea of bringing in animators together seems to have a great potential according to me, looking at the recent rise in the number of animation schools in and around the country. The animation kids, businesses and even freelance gamers would love to utilize this service to broadcast their apps (read games) into the crowd and possibly raise the standard of browser-based flash games. (Honestly, I am tired of the dumb games that we have seen from the well-funded juggernauts I wouldn’t even name here;-).

By and large I would say, ShareSWF team has a great application in place with tonnes of potential but right now they need to focus intensely on the User Interface. Monetization & sustainability is another critical angle for web 2.0 startup like ShareSWF, and being a non-valley startup doesn’t help much either – just a word of caution.

For those who are right now, please do give ShareSWF a spin!

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