QnA : Sharing Equity when a Co-founder is Continuing with Job

Questions from our sister site (startupqna.com) that needs immediate attention.

Sharing Ratio

We are three of us starting a company. While two are full time, one is part time & has promised to join in within a couple of years.

While we are starting with equal share (with two of us taking salary (50% of our last salary)), we dont wan’t him to continue with an equal share and we have agreed that it will go down to 20/25% (from existing 33%) if he doesn’t join by the date as agreed.

He wants this to go up again if he joins in after a couple of years. While we are okay with the same, we are stuck with the rate at which the shares should be exchanged, both at the time of his holding going down and going up.

He wants a market rate done through independent valuation but didn’t seem justified to us because on both occasions, he will be much more clear about the standing /prospects of the company and hence reducing his risks.

Any ideas on how we take resolve this??

What are the options for having Cash-On-Delivery payment collection?

What are the options if I want to allow customers to pay cash on delivery for products they receive? Which is the best among them?

Cost of SMS advertisers

How much an SMS advetizer should pay for targetted SMS marketing (for example Training institutes advertising to Stdents through SMS) ?

Regarding LLP

India has a new concept in Limited liability partnership. I just want to know whether limited liability means if I convert my website to LLP, I will not have my personal property touched in event of any loss in the website- similar to where personal property cannot be touched in private limited. Is the above true or LLP means just liability of one partner is not touched if another partner does some mistake?

Best Web Site Hosting

Please let me know which company provides better web hosting services ? I am looking for comapany providing shared as well as dedicated hosting.

I have read in this forum that Znet is better, but there sales team is not at all professional and not good in resolvng technical queries. Again no good reviess about Znet on webhosting reviews

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