Sharp Announces World’s First 5.5-inch 4K Smartphone Display [Aimed At VR Headsets?]

The smartphone display market is going sort of mad. While the merits of having 2K screens on today’s high-end smartphones aren’t clear, manufacturers are already pursuing the dream of 4K.
Sharp Smartphone
Japan’s Sharp has announced the world’s first 5.5-inch 2160 x 3840 pixel (4K) mobile display, which is scheduled to enter mass production in 2016. The pixel density of this ridiculous screen? 806ppi.
Just to put that into perspective, Sharp’s new display will have 16 times as many pixels as a 1080p screen, which at 5.5-inches seems just fine on devices like the OnePlus One.
1440p displays that are making their way to even more high-end Android smartphones this year are considered overkill, so a 4K display can count for stratospheric levels of insanity.
Still, it’s great to see the progress of technology, with manufacturers figuring out new ways to create displays that sip on even less amounts of energy, despite doubling, tripling and quadrupling the number of pixels on them.
While 4K displays may not provide much benefit to the average smartphone user, many argue that the move is targeted at VR headsets (or smartphones that’ll double as VR headsets), with enhanced pixel density effectively curbing the screen-door effect.
world’s first 5.5-inch mobile display with a 2160 x 3840 pixels Ultra-HD (4K) resolution. The panel is scheduled for mass production in 2016, and comes with a mind-boggling pixel density of 806 pixels per inch.
[via: TechBlog]

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