Shilpa, Big Brother and Racism – It happens in India too.

Wikipedia defines Racism as

Racism is a belief system or doctrine which states that inherent biological differences between human races determine cultural or individual achievement — with a corollary that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

So, Racism happens when Jade Goody calls Shilpa by names.
But it’s not Racism when Assamesse kill migrant Bihari workers, or when Shiv sena attacks non-Maharashtriyans for working in Maharashtra? -i.e. a *few good men* treating others (of a diff. ‘race’/region) inferior and killing them, just because they are from diff. region/religion?

It’s quite amusing that Indians are protesting and burning effigies of a show which they haven’t seen (nor will they), but when it comes to cleaning their own house – they turn a blind eye. Maybe it’s ‘chalta-hai‘ when it comes to Indians within India.

And media’s role? As usual they have shamelessly made up such a big deal of Big Brother episode (and left no stone unturned to capitalize on that), while they chose to ignore the plights of Indian workers who migrate to other Indian states within the supposedly-democratic -and-secure India.

Does Racism necessitates one to have an International visa or a Celebrity status? Or maybe a combination of both?

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