This Indian shoe startup uses natural renewable fiber: You stay warm in winters and cool in the summer !



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Most innovations in India are usually geared towards lower price points, however here we have a startup that is focused on a premium product. Neeman’s is a shoe startup that is bringing  a distinctive style as well as a number of clever features for footwear together.

Made largely of Merino Wool, a ‘high-tech’ wool that enables breathability, prevents odour and can supposedly be worn without socks at all. Neeman’s is also touting the eco-friendly nature of the materials (recycled rubber along with plant based castor oil) used as well as the shoe’s apparent ability to stay warm in the winters and cool in the summer.


Neeman’s is breaking the myth that wool is only a product of winters because it is bulky, heavy and itchy on the skin, by using a form of natural merino wool sourced from Australia which is superfine, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable.

The Merino Wool fabric used by Neeman’s is developed in collaboration with Woolmark, the global authority of Australian wool. The timelessly elegant shoes are odor-resistant and sock-free, which keeps the skin cool and dry even in extreme temperatures.

New Delhi

At a price point of Rs. 7,200 – would you buy these shoes? From a relatively unknown (yet innovative) brand?

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