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Study conducted by ACNielsen shows that Asian consumers are overtaking the Americans and Europeans when it comes to recreational shopping! (i.e. shop for entertainment)

This is quite an unconventional result, considering that Americans are considered to be the richest and flambouyant crowd compared to their Asian counterparts. But, this result may be attributed to the globalization and better life style/puchasing power in the emerging economies.

Few interestingness:

  • 32 per cent Indians go shopping once a month where as 22 per cent of them indulge in it once a week
  • Russians, Japanese, Hungarians and Swedes say they find clothes shopping ‘therapeutic,’ (heard of retail therapy?)
  • European consumers were least likely to be recreational shoppers
  • Markets in Asia-Pacific make up the top ten markets (9/10) for recreational shopping, with Hong Kong and Indonesia leading the way with 93 percent of their consumers admitting to shopping just for fun.

This is definitely a good news for retailers, since there are new markets that have opened up. What needs mention here is the word ‘Recreational’ shopping (and not the prosaic ones) – so retailers need to work on positioning their products well and create shopping as an ‘experience’ and not just another ‘chore’.

About the survey:
The online survey was conducted among over 23,500 Internet users spread across 42 countries. More here..

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