MoneySaver – Discount Coupons for your Shopping Soul

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MoneySaver – Discount Coupons for your Shopping Soul

MoneySaver is a Delhi based startup that offers discount coupons in categories like Lifestyle, Retail, Dining, Travel & Entertainment etc.   moneysaver

In order to avail MoneySaver’s offers, one needs to buy the copy of coupon book (costs Rs. 399/). Each MoneySaver book comes with a registration card. You need to scratch the card and SMS registration code to 09870 900 900. Your mobile phone gets registered and you are all set to receive shopping discounts/coupons.

MoneySaver has tied up with local merchants (currently available in NCR only) and wherever you see "We accept MoneySaver" sticker, you can sms the brand keyword and MoneySaver will send you the offer coupon code.

Apart from consumers, MoneySaver is also targeting

Fundraisers as well as Corporates. Corporates can distribute MoneySaver coupons as part of employee benefit programme and Fundraisers can use this as a tool to distribute coupons to supporter of the cause.

What’s really interesting about MoneySaver is that they are collecting their own deal and not really aggregating (unlike the typical web2.0 startups!). Having said that, what’s not interesting is the following:

  • Why coupon book? – If it’s all about the scratch card and mobile registration, there are several other ways one can distribute that. And isn’t book distribution process quite lengthier, as most of the offers have validity timestamp and I presume book coupons will lose their value after a certain point (the site says 7 months)?
  • Discount % – I just checked their BookMyShow discount and interestingly, I get a better offer from the BookMyShow site!

Point I am trying to make is that MoneySaver can get away with book coupon distribution and ease out the process. As far as shopping is concerned, users have no loyalty to any brand or coupon service, and the fight is to have a presence "right there" when the user is making that purchase.

Infact, most of the discounts that a typical users avails are not the ones with max. discount percentage, but are the ones that are easily available – and MoneySaver is building a usage barrier by expecting users to buy the book.

There are other startups in this domain – OffersForShoppers and the recently launched open2save, that have an easier way of distributing the discount coupons.

What’s your take on MoneySaver?

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