Shotformats Digital Launches Offline App Store. Claims to be the first (But it is not).


Shotformats Digital Launches Offline App Store. Claims to be the first (But it is not).

shotformatsLast week Shotformats Digital Productions launched an ‘Offline Application Store’ through which users can buy mobile apps offline.

The Offline App Store will distribute apps and other digital content across more than 10,000 mobile recharge and accessory stores in 20 cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP, and other states.

The facility to buy applications at brick and mortar stores is being offered for the first time in the world, the company told Business Line.

Shotformats Digital Productions is making the claim to be the first Offline app distribution network in the country. But really, that’s not the case.

Allow us to enlighten you.

Appsdaily (Onward Mobility), founded in 2010 by IIT Bombay graduate Arun Menon has been selling mobile apps to customers through offline stores for some time now.

It has sold more than 1 million apps through over 10,000 retail outlets in 70 cities.

“The App-Ready users have a DIFM(Do-it-for-me) aka ‘Kar Ke Do’ attitude. India by insight is all about DIFM. Most customers are not aware of what kind of apps are available for various uses and most people buy smartphones today due to peer group pressure,” says Zubin Dubash, the Chief Strategy Officer of AppsDaily at NextBigWhat’s bigMobilityConf.

In a country like India where a majority of mobile recharge happens through a DIFM mode, it is a model less looked into. AppsDaily has tapped into the app market successfully based on their DIFM strategy.

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