Meet Shyamli Badgaiyan, student of Harvard Business School who raised $160,000 to support India

With the COVID-19 cases skyrocketing every day, we are seeing more and more people coming forward to help each other, to assist, and offer help in every possible way. Many countries from around the world are coming forward to support India amid a huge shortage of medical supplies. 

Likewise, a student of Harvard Business School is among those who did not just sit back and watch India suffering. But with all the Josh, she quickly raised more than $160,000 with the help of other students from 20 other universities. 

Shyamli Badgaiyan along with Priyank Lathwal, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, organized “South Asian student organizations” across her university and from 20 other universities, including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown, MIT, Northwestern University, Tufts, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Her contribution towards helping India has gained a wide appreciation not only from the common people but also from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. 

Tharoor tweeted, “Proud of Shyamli Badgaiyan, who had worked with my MP office in Delhi. Idealism & commitment never wear out!”

The student-led initiative is using a united platform to collect funds and pass them to organizations in India to enhance oxygen supply, procure protective equipment, and other medical supplies. 

In a time we hopelessly running from one end to another to keep our family safe, these samaritans are proving that there is still hope and light left between us! Kudos to Shyamli!!!Do you have a story for us? Tell us, we will tell the world!!  #Covidwarriours

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