Stay Connected with all your iPhone-Using Siblings [App Review]

 sibling-logoWhen you think of the number of social networks, I am sure almost anyone can rattle of over a handful of names without even thinking twice. While there is Facebook for everyone you know, Twitter for those you don’t know, WhatsApp for the contacts on your phone, Path for only those special 50 and apps like Couple for you and that special someone, one category that has been left out is siblings. That’s where a new app by a Bangalore-based company comes in. The Sibling App seeks to create stronger bonds between siblings.

When we asked Shubhendu Sharma, the co-founder of Tofu Technologies Pvt Ltd, on the inspiration behind the app, he said

We always used to share stuff (music, photos, links, docs) with our siblings and close friends. Most of the times over emails. This made us look around for a dedicated private share which is simple and easy to use just for few close ones. To our surprise we could not find a single app that was catering to the needs of siblings. Whatapp/Couple /Dropbox all doing great job but none cater and give that sense of personal space for siblings.

App Review

Similar to other apps in the space it offers a way to create close networks and to easily share stuff in this network. The app is currently present only on the iPhone which we think is the biggest negative with this app. The app cost $1.99 as the developers say they are targeting only a serious audience.

The first thing one will have to do is sign up by entering your usual details like your name and email address. One can then add your siblings by choosing contacts from your address book. One can add up to 5 siblings at the sign up step but a couple more can be added later if required. Once your siblings accept the invite they can post stuff and it begins to appear in the news feed.

We loved the way that the feed displays posts. Instead of sharing stuff in one big list, the posts appear sorted by each sibling, and swiping right will take you to more post by that particular sibling. Each post also features a like and a comment button, which allows one to post comments on that specific post.

At the bottom one will find three buttons, the first is the archive button, the second the share button and the third is for group chat.

One can share a link, a picture or video from your albums, or take a new picture or new video. One can also browse and share files with their siblings from a Mac with the companion app which needs to be installed. Though one cannot share music directly from the app, due to Apple restrictions, one can use the companion app to share music to all your siblings.

The archive section is well thought out and separates the files based on what type it is automatically. So you have all your music, video, images and documents separated neatly into various folders.

The group chat allows you to send text messages to all your siblings in one go. We did think that a facility to send messages to just one sibling should also be added in the app.

Overall, the app performed quite well and there is no lag and the messages and files get shared almost instantly.

We wonder if this app would be better targeted at families including parents, instead of just restricting it to siblings. There are no checks to actually see if you are adding siblings so you can go ahead and add friends and even close friends. But do remember what you share will be visible with the whole group.

Our Take

While we loved the concept and implementation of the app, we wonder if there is a market for such a niche app, especially with the usage of Facebook and Whatsapp for keeping in touch with people. Also for the app to gain more users it will need to be present on more platforms like Android. The developers tell us that they are working on an app for Android which will be available by the end of May. A Windows companion app is also in the works and should be out around the same time.

The app costs $1.99 and can be downloaded on iOS devices here.

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