Sify starts redirecting Broadband users to WiYi, iGoogle Partner Site

Sify has started redirecting it’s broadband users (I am one of them) to the iGoogle partner page – called World in my Inbox (WiYi) (not sure what does that mean).

WiYi is powered by Google apps suite and borrows all the features from Google apps (check out the demo of Sify’s wiyi).

Sify’s Internet Business – Go or No-Go?

Sify’s Internet consumer business is heading southwards (7% decline quarterly basis in consumer business, revenues $7.5mn) and the iGoogle redirection just goes on show their confidence in the business (and by the way, it’s one of the worst designed iGoogle page I have ever come across).

Sify’s WiYi ensures that there is no reason for new users to signin to Sify’s service (and not Google’s) – so what’s the future for SIfy? What user experience are we talking here?

To add some perspective, Google also powers AirtelLive, but the key difference is that Airtel is not at all into Internet consumer business – so it’s a typical broadband partnership. But Sify’s partnership is surely at the cost of it’s consumer business.

Should Sify exit from it’s Internet business to, say, Reliance (has cash, need users inorganically)?

What’s your take?

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