Silver PushSilverEdge Technologies, the makers of mobile re-targeting platform SilverPush has raised $1.5 mn in a round led by IDG Ventures and Unilazer Ventures.

Former Komli Media Chief Prashant Mehta, Fabrice Grinda (ex CEO of Olx) and serial entrepreneur K Ganesh have  also invested in the company. Existing investors such as GSF Accelerator and 500 Startups also participated in the round. (via). Last year, GSF Accelerator and 500 Startups had invested $100,000 in the startup.

The startup charges advertisers based on the Cost per Click (CPC) while it buys out the inventory on Cost per thousand Impression (CPM) model from the Ad exchanges.

Mobile ad networks such as Inmobi and Vserv also provide re-targeting. SilverPush has tied up with mobile ad exchanges like AdIQuity and PubMatic.

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