Simmortel Voice – Speech Recognition Engine

Simmortel Voice is a speech recognition engine that allows the user to access content and information by speaking into her phone. Their proprietary technology enables a very large vocabulary (up to 20,000 words), multiple Indian languages, robustness to variation in accents and all mobile handsets and landline phones.

The IIT K based startup has raised seed funding from DST (Department of Science and Technology) and offers it’s service as hosted turnkey solution (multi-tenant) as well as on-premise bundled application.

Simmortel Voice competes head on with Ubona and mScriber as well as companies like LatticeBridge, OnMobile

Voice recognition softwares will gain more prominence one companies start realizing the need to cut costs – for instance, Ubona powers Tata Sky’s call center, Simmortel has partnered with Indian Railways etc.

What’s your opinion on this sector?

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