Its official: Indian Railway pulls plug on project Simran, launches to live monitor trains [IIT- K Snubbed?]

The Information Systems division of Indian Railways has pulled the plug on its real time rail monitoring project which was to be developed with the IIT Kanpur for Rs 100 cr. Instead, it has launched Railradar, a visualisation tool that shows location of a train on a map and the entire railway network on the Internet. The online tracking system, showcased at an industry event, was developed by Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) and, the flagship offering of a Noida based startup called Stelling Tech.

Sunil Bajpai, General Manager, CRIS said:

As railway travelers too, today we also want to know more – beyond just ‘an’ ETA of ‘a’ train at ‘a’ station. As the volume and complexity of information increases – we believe that new methods of information dissemination (associated with Trains and its running information) will be required sooner than later.

Users can search for a particular station / train to get specific details of trains around the station or running status of a train, location, its route and stoppages. RailRadar gives an overview on train on time and delay status. In case of a mishap/unplanned activity, RailRadar would be able to provide users with an overview of situation and train status across the country.

According to a statement by CRIS, RailRadar is configured to update itself every 5 mins. While the updates of the individual trains may vary based on the area where it is currently running. In any case, the location and status of the trains displayed on RailRadar will always be 5 or more minutes delayed. is the flagship product from Stelling Tech, a startup which focuses on Mobility solutions that work on realtime information. Earlier in September, IIT Kanpur shut down its ambitious real time train tracking project Simran due to lack of funds. The site has been closed officially and now displays a message saying that after final discussions between the CRIS and IIT K, the project has been shut. Simran’s website displays the following message:

As per discussion of railway board meeting held on 11 September 2012, this site has been colsed on 1 October 2012. SMS services is also closed. Users might use regular Indian Railways inquiry systems.


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