Singapore removes rankings in schools : Learning is not competition!

When a kid is born in India, she loses her right to be a human, immediately. Like a per-condition.

She now has option only to be either a horse or a donkey, compared to her peers.

She has to surrender her individuality, right after the birth, and then starts the grand wild race called life, for her.

Supposed to be a human, she is artificially controlled by a model which has the corrupt dataset fed into it, for hundreds of years. And the moral of that model is that, life is a race. Everyone has only two choices, be a donkey or a horse.

The race which starts from now “Pre-Nursery” at 2 years, continues till she is dead. There is no respite and she can never be herself. The model controls every action, decision based on the premise that she has to win this race called life.

A life in today’s world ends basically in the second year itself, rest all the years are mere robotic. The real terrifying “artifical intelligence” which we should be wary of, but we are not.


“Artificial Intelligence” because there is no common-sense to it.

Thankfully, there are some sane and progressive society, who don’t feel that life has to be a race.

Singapore has declared now that whether a child has finished first or second in her class would not be indicated in her report card from next year, amplifying that “learning is not competition“.

Report books will not just stop showing a student’s position in relation to class or cohort. The information to be dropped includes:

  • Class and level mean
  • Minimum and maximum marks
  • Underlining and/or colouring of failing marks
  • Pass/fail for end-of-year result
  • Mean subject grades
  • Overall total marks

The change is to allow each student to focus on his or her learning progress and discourage them from being overly concerned about comparisons (via).