Success of Convergence and a Take on Solepreneurs

[Part of our coverage on ‘Being a solopreneur‘]

Success of convergence in recent time can be best described by camera mobiles which has gained more acceptance than cameras or mobiles alone. Even a less powerful camera combined with a mobile makes a more successful product than a powerful camera alone. Another example, IPL. All would agree that IPL is not about just cricket but a convergence of Bollywood and Cricket. While Bollywood markets it and brings the eye balls, the cricketers deliver the actual product. Imagine IPL without Bollywood. ICL, anyone?

When you converge two different powerful things together the success that you get is far far greater, often more than the combined success of individual entities. That is the power of convergence, the power of working together.

The reason that you landed up being a Solepreneur actually says a lot about your startups future. Entrepreneurship begins with a Eureka moment and its a human tendency to share eureka moments with close ones and ask them to keep it secret. And it is during this course of action that you come across someone who believes in the idea and debates about it passionately, and you believe it is good to work together. Solepreneurs are born when the above does not happen as said and you still wish to go alone.

So where did you miss?

1. Did you not hunt enough for a co-founder or failed to convince anyone to work with you?:  And how do you plan to convince an investor? How do plan to make your first hiring? On the power of moolah!?

If you did believe in the importance of co-founder and started hunting then why did you give up? You thought you could start and find a co-founder on way? Would that co-founder share the same ownership of the baby? Stepfather?

2. Never wanted to share the Eureka moment with anyone: You believed the idea is what’s important and your social circle cannot be trusted. Do you plan to keep it secret all life? Or are you over-estimating the value of idea over successful execution. You believed that the product you made was good enough to build a great business? Or did you think that you are so good a seller that you don’t really need a great product?

Entrepreneurship is not about hardcore dwelling of a single discipline. Rather it touches all aspects of a human, its surrounding and society at large. And it is difficult for a Solepreneur to address all issues.  Having a master-of-one founder does not build a startup.

With a convergence of two or more believers, its larger ecosystem that you are part of. Ofcourse a team of convergence is more attractive for investors as well.

In most Solepreneurship stories i have come across it’s rather a fate and not a choice.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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