Siri and Alexa just find regularities through maths, but are incredibly stupid in reality !

Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which are off-shoots of Mathematics (Statistics) have helped produce a range of devices, which are called ‘intelligent’, which in reality is false.

Pattern is ingrained in the world, so it is with humans. 

We speak and communicate within a set of framework, which over a period of time could be easily statistically inference, and this is what the the current generation of ‘AI Speakers’ do.

They do not have any ‘real intelligence’ at all.

The paradigm needs to be changed if any ‘real intelligence’ is produced, because the way these machines were taught to ‘learn’ is not the way a human learns. And since we presume ourselves to be an intelligent specie, we should look inwards (cognition, psychology and neuroscience) of what makes us intelligent and basis on that try to make machines intelligent.

“I have yet to see a baby whose parents put an encyclopedia in the crib and say, “Go learn.” And this is what our computers do today. I don’t think these systems will learn the way we want them to or understand the world the way we want to.

What happens with babies is they get tactile experience immediately of the world. Then babies start seeing the world and absorbing events and objects’ properties. And then the baby eventually hears linguistic input. And it’s this complementary input that makes the magic of understanding happen. “

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