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Over the last few days, we have been facing severe issues with the site and while some of it is attributed to WordPress version (and few plugin incompatibility), the major reason is that the site’s backend hasn’t been able to cope up with the strong uptick in traffic.

1 week snapshot

Since April 18th,our traffic has increased by 2X (UVs have gone up by 2X!), exposing the un-optimized backend.

Lesson learnt? As one grows, one needs to let go of the ‘random’ processes one was following since the early days (involves playing with live production system, which I am guilty of). Similarly, one needs to figure out a defined process in the chaos of growth, involving the right measure of security/access control.

At the end of the day, businesses are all about predictability and the backend that drives the awesomeness has to be driven by processes, no matter how much we all hate to admit the ‘P’ word!.

So apologies for the goofup.

Next steps? Very soon, we will be updating the site design – making it much more leaner and simpler. We want our readers to have a great experience, at the same time bulid a scalable backend (if you have been tinkering with WordPress, do connect with us).

Aside, since last Saturday, we were facing issues with our RSS feed and it has been fixed now. In general, if you come across any specific site-level issue, simply share with us [].

Again, sorry for the goofup!

Ashish, on behalf of Team

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