How do you make your site visitors create strong passwords? [Ans: Scare them]

If you look at the recent password theft incident on Linkedin, some of the common passwords were: link (941 people had this), work, god, fu*k (85 people had this!), 12345 (179 LinkedIn users).

What this shows is simple : beyond the geeky and uber audience, most of the netizens are naive and while you cannot expect them to be smart, the responsibility shifts away from the user to the system.

That is, the system needs to get smarter and friendly to the naive users. NCR based Bubbles has an ultra cool registration experience around this.

I’ll let the pictures walk the talk:

Simple Password:

Crack Password : Instantly

A bit average

Crack Password : 3 Hours

A bit awesome

Crack Password : 21 Years

And finally, the complex beast!

Crack Password : Centuries

The beauty? System makes it uber useful for the user and messaging ensures that one can’t act naive! And if you do, you know the results.

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