Forum Roundup: Sites where Independent Designers Sell Stuff? What did You Startup For & More

Our forum has become a great place for people to seek help and dispense lots of useful gyaan. If you missed out on the fun last week, here’s a recap. nextbigwhat-forum

Is jamming the mobile network a good idea in the office?

So lately, I’ve been facing that a lot of people are busy with whatsapp or other social messaging apps, including me, at the time of work. Does jamming the network in the office a good idea. What impact can it make on employees if they discover that the network is jammed by the company?

Payment gateway for tech support process

Payment gateway is a browser based application through which a user can do authorized credit card transaction in real time. It allows a website or its shipping cart to do online transaction in secure environment.

Employee or Contractor / TDS issues

Please study the following case and let me know your opinion : Suppose a person X is based in Assam and is working for pvt ltd company Y from his home in Assam. Closest office of the private limited company Y is based in Delhi. Company Y is paying that person 16,000 Rs per month. As per company act, is it okay for company Y show person X as full time employee of the company on payroll ? Person X has no other income source. Or company Y has to show that person X as contractor and hence TDS will be applicable ?

Google Chrome extension to make reading fun 🙂Chrome

Need Feedback

I have decide to make my carrier in blogging so i have just started a blog. Need suggestion and feedback to improve my blog.

Any sites where independent designers sell their stuff in India?

Do you know of any website which allows independent designers [digital artists, doodlers, etc.] to sell their stuff (art prints, tees, canvas prints, merchandise, etc.) in India? This is one apt dedication which is very much in-line with the book’s philosophy (promoting ‘the work from home’ culture)

Now you too can Instantly host Missed call Polls / Campaigns for receiving User Feedback

Recently you might have come across several TV Advertisements, Reality Shows, News paper Campaigns asking to give a missed call to a phone number, to share your vote / feedback.

What did You startup for?

The above post I wrote (almost as a reaction) has found a fair bit of resonance among founders. I’d love to hear your stories, your reasons, motivations and goals. Do share on this thread.

Indian eCommerce Support : Feed Manager For Small eCommerce Startups

Few weeks ago, while browsing I found one company based in India which is working on Product feed development and upload for snapdeal, junglee, tradus and flipkart like marketplaces, Can you help me to find them?

The tech investor hasn’t invested enough in tech?

Folks at Accel partners forgot to renew their domain.

Necessity or No

How about giving an app to see the count of people waiting to withdrawal money for any ATM’s. So, you have a ATM locator with count of people waiting to get money from ATM’s. You can decide on ATM to get money quickly.

Decline of Email Marketing : Thanks to Google

Groupon saw “low double-digit declines” in the percentage of people who opened its e-mails, compared with the quarter before. He reiterated that the company needed to get away from relying on e-mail for the bulk of its business. As the company announced Thursday that it had acquired Ticket Monster, a Korean deal site, Lefkofsky boasted that e-mail accounted for only 10 percent of its Ticket Monster sales.”

Pitching startups in the air : Super cool!

Pitching in the air

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