Startup Roundup: SkillSpace, Viv.Rti, Siksha Mitra & Praktick

Besides the startups that we profiled in detail last week, here are some more of the startups that caught our attention. Find and share skills through SkillSpace, use Viv.rti to develop ideas and skills, find private and online tutoring courses on Shiksha Mitra and brush up your math skills with Praktick.


The next time you want to share your skills with some one, pay a visit. SkillSpace, founded by Lokesh Motwani, is a Bangalore based startup that  helps you find a user in your city who has the skills you desire to learn. The website acts a forum where people can teach or learn new skills according to their choice.Skillspace

Users wishing to teach their skills to others can also create a class which is a bundle of information: like what he would teach, price, dates, the location where he would teach.


visrtiViv.Rti is another attempt at helping professionals/students with their skill set development. Viv.Rti, based in New Delhi, is a free membership based platform where people can share ideas and approaches for developing their skill sets. Users can also can share their expertise with their peers and guide them with developing their skills.

Shiksha Mitra

SikshamitraShiksha Mitra, a Bangalore based startup by Hemant Agrawal & Samresh Jalan, started with the idea of providing students with home tutoring and educational consultancy. Private and online tutoring courses are offered for students from elementary school all the way up to graduate level.

You can sign up a for a free demo class at home  before you take up the course full time. People interested in teaching students can also signup with the website to provide their service.


BookduniaThis site allows you to compare prices of books across online retailers in India. The website also features reviews from Goodreads with every book. The site has a clean and simple UI making searches easy. The next time you want to buy a book give the site a try and see what is the best price you can get.

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