Appnomy App of the Day: Skirt Alert [Receive push notification when the weather is right for skirts]

Skirt Alert is an iPhone app that sends you a Push Notification when the weather is exactly right for Skirts! It’s the most fun weather app yet. And now it’s available in India too.

In our native Holland, during this cold time of year, we’re anxiously waiting for what we call Skirts Day: the very first beautiful spring day on which Dutch women decide to wear Skirts to celebrate that spring has finally come. [Wikibros, developer of the app]skirtalert

Skirt Alert makes sure you or your friends know when the Skirts will be pulled out of the closet. The app takes your current location and  Skirt Alert’s answer is always clear: Yes or No (Of course, detailed information on temperature, wind and precipitation is available, too).

Tell the app what’s a convenient time to receive a notification and you’ll find out if it’s time to get those Skirts ready. The interesting part about the app is that it’s not just another weather app, but a great piece of product packaging.

More details

– App Download Link

– Operating System(s): Android, iOS (iPhone OS),

– Pricing: Free

– Available in App Store: iPhone App Store

– Supported Phone: iPhone.


[Appnomy’s One App a Day series is sponsored by Mojostreet – A Real world mobile game with Real world benefits.]

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