Skype will now automatically blur the background using AI; A Brilliant example of Product thinking

How many times have you postponed a Skype call, just because your place was not ‘right enough’ for it?
How many times you have scrambled with a duster and a broom around your workstation, before a video call?

Microsoft has rolled out new Skype, which automatically blurs out the background in a video call, and thus removing un necessary and often embarassing clutter; focussing only on the user’s face and action (via).

Perhaps the best use of Artificial Intelligence in daily use consumer technology to come so far this year, Microsoft’s AI automatically detects a user’s face, arms, hands and hair so that it does not blur out important aspects or incorrect parts.

Adds Ashish: This is an amazing level of product thinking which comes from a deep understanding of empathy and how / why consumers love/hate certain products. Kudos to Skype product team for this thinking!

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