A Look at Slideshare’s Design Principle : Design for People, NOT for Designers [UnPluggd]

At UnPluggd NCR roadshow, we had Slideshare’s principle designer, Arun J share some of the key design principles at Slideshare.

Arun J, Slideshare
Arun J, Slideshare

Here are a few important takeaways for all ye product entrepreneurs:

  • Ugly teens turn into beautiful adults : It’s okay if your first iteration sucks.
  • Design for people not for designers.
  • Design is metrics driven. Design is always data driven and should have a strong feedback loop/system.
  • The focus is on saying NO.

UnPluggd Details

Date: June 8, 2013.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 0UnPluggd-Logo-1_thumb.png78.
Tickets: Block your seat right away (ticketing link)!
We have super exciting agenda for the summer edition of UnPluggd.

For startups who want to launch at UnPluggd, the deadline is May 23rd (use this link to apply for the demo slot).

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