Slideshare to Launch Webinar Service?

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Slideshare to Launch Webinar Service?

Today, while embedding a slideshare presentation, I noticed that slideshare is passing an anchor link of ‘Webinars’ to slideshare website.

slideshare webinar
slideshare webinar

Generally speaking, anchor linking is a strategy adopted to increase the overall rank of the website vis-a-vis keyword and is a good GTM (Go To Market) strategy.

Continuing with their PRO services, Slideshare’s dedicated webinar service (if true) will enable companies/individuals to control the presentation running on other’ computers – and make it more interactive (two way communication/ real time discussions) betwen presenter and the audience as opposed to a plain slidecast.

If not, why would Slideshare go after a keyword that doesn’t matches its offering?

Update: I just had a word with Amit and he mentioned that this isn’t in the near term roadmap.

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