Slow down.Most of us

Slow down.

Most of us move at a faster pace than is necessary or beneficial to our best interests. Practice taking your time when eating, driving, talking, making love, or engaging in the tasks of everyday living. It can be helpful to post reminders of this intention in prominent places in order to support yourself.

We used to have a sign in our kitchen that simply read, “Slow down.” It worked. Enlisting the support of others, particularly those with whom you live or with whom you have close relationships, can also be very helpful.

Practice discernment in regard to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable, and choose to eliminate some of the things that don’t contribute to the deepening of the quality of your life experience. Be willing to say “no” to more things.

This will provide you with more time to devote to those experiences that are more deeply rewarding. Remember: More isn’t necessarily better.

Focus on the kinds of things that enhance the quality not the quantity of your experiences.

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