Use Cloudsuite To Develop Rich and Interactive Web Apps Without Having to Code

cloudsuiteSmall and medium businesses often don’t have the time or the resources to develop rich, interactive web applications. Tight budgets and lack of resources often puts web presence or capabilities at the bottom of the priority list. But Kochi based Cloudsuite wants to change that. The best part is that you don’t need to know coding!

The startup Cloudsuite wants to help non IT personnel and other SMB’s with no coding skills to develop and host cloud based web applications for their business needs using latest web technologies.

The company helps create database enabled web applications using open source technologies and will host it in the cloud. It generates a complete set of applications with all enterprise software features.

To begin with you can sign up for a Free Trial account at the portal with your basic information. Once signed up and logged in you are taken to the app creator page. You can now start creating your app by clicking on the New web app option and entering the attributes and values of the app.

Once you are done designing the app, you can click on create to start developing your app. It takes about 5 minutes to create your app. Once deployed in the cloud, you can access the app by logging in using your credentials.

This video shows you how to create a simple app.

Cloudsuite has been around for some time and was being used to develop SaaS applications for nearly 3 years. Over the last 3 years the framework has matured and is in its third major release, the company said.

Some key features of Cloudsuite

Rich UI Widgets : The framework completely auto generates rich AJAX user interface with dynamic data tables, forms, incremental page refresh, type in filters, etc. Users don’t have to do any client side scripting. The UI is inbuilt with a validation framework that makes specifying validation easy and provides users easy navigation of any errors on the page.

Instant Application : Cloudsuite can apply rules to the available meta-data and derive a fully functional application.

Relational Database : The service creates a relational database, based on the client business entities defined, normalized and indexed for optimum performance.

Scalable Architecture : Open source technologies are used to build your web application. The application code will be generated in a 3 tier Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, separating each layer so that the app can be upgraded in the future based on technological advances.

Enterprise Features : Standard enterprise features like Authentication, User Administration, Authorization, Locale etc are available by default. The framework also creates a default layout with each modules displayed in tabs.

Reporting :  This is a key requirement for any application and Cloudsuite generates attractive reports for all UI screens by default. The user can sort and filter the data sets based on their requirements and can print reports in a PDF format.

Export/Import : The user can import data from excel spreadsheets directly into their database through UI tables. Export feature in in-built for all data tables in the application.

SaaS Built-in : The code for all layers are generated with multi-tenancy considerations. The application will have customer specific validation at all three layers. This will ensure one customer cannot access other customers data.

Complete Stack : The Cloudsuite distribution provides a full stack for the development of database-based business applications, including a library of Rich Widgets (forms, data tables, charts etc.), services layer functions, as well as bindings to a bundled Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) database framework.

If you are a SMB looking to build web applications, give Cloudsuite’s service a spin and let us know what you think.

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