CommonFloor Groups, a subsidiary of, has launched “Smart Guard’— a mobile app that enables gated communities to record visitor information digitally. The app is available only for Android users only.

Smart Guard aims to increase security in communities by allowing security guards to record the movement of visitors (Staff/Guests, Vendors) through the mobile app. It sends automatic SMS alerts to residents on guest arrival to ensure authorized entry.

The apartment association gets regular automated reports listing the number of visitors which helps in keeping a systematic record and good security measures at the community.

Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder & Head of CommonFloor Groups said that they are also working with a few partners to integrate Aadhaar based verification accounting.

“Our focus has always been on making communities smarter – one where residents can enjoy a hassle free and secure living and we strive to provide them the technological automation resolving their daily management hassles,” added Malpani.


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