Smartmumbaikar Launches Missed Call Based Instant Ridesharing;This Could Really Work!

smartmumbaikarMumbai based startup Smartmumbaikar has launched a service with which commuters can find others to pool vehicles instantly with just a missed call. Imagine giving a missed call five minutes before you leave for work and having all the information to pool a ride with someone near you.

How does it work?

Once you register your home & office location and mobile phone number, simply give a missed call to 08030 6363 43 five minutes before your journey and Smartmumbaikar will message you with the details of who you can travel with. You can then contact that person to pool your ride!

It solves the problem of having to wait until a pre fixed time for your vehicle to come. “The difference is that it is instant,” Raxit Sheth, the founder of Smartmumbaikar told NextBigWhat.

Users need to register with an official e-mail ID. “That’s because the employer would have already done the background check and it builds trust,” said Sheth. The service is not just for car users. In fact, you don’t even need a vehicle. You could pool a taxi or even an auto rickshaw.

Female commuters have the choice of travelling with other female commuters. The company has a monthly plan which costs Rs 400.

According to Smartmumbaikar, the site will be live all the time, Instant Ridesharing service using missed call works effectively only working days and during rush hour (between 8 am – 10.45 am and 5.30- 10 pm).

If you get your friends to sign up, you get credits that you can spend on buying the service.

If you live in Mumbai, give Smartmumbaikar a spin.

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