App Engagement: Weather Apps top the highest retention rate, News and Communication are intensively used app

Weather tops the retention rate amongst the 30 apps categories, 73% in a month, 55% over a period of 3 months including frequency of 3.7 per week; followed by reference, sports (especially scores), news and travel with overall retention rate of 54, 51, 50 and 45% respectively, according to a report released by Flurry entitled Mobile Apps: Money, Models and Loyalty (link). The overall retention rate is based on analysis of data over the period of 90 days.

App Engagement (2012)
App Engagement (2012)

The average retention rate of apps across all apps categories stands at 54% monthly and 35% over 3 months. For study Flurry has used a sample of apps used more than 1.7 billion times each week.

App Consumption Data: How is the Weather today?
App Consumption Data: How is the Weather today?

Highest frequency of use per week enjoyed by music (streaming) 8.9, followed by lifestyle (communication) category 8.8, social games 7.9, social networking and dating 6.6.

  • News and communication apps are the two categories leading the intensively used app category.
  • Streaming music, social-games, dating and social networking falls in apps that are used infrequently but for finite periods of time (delivers value in bursts).
  • Photo & video, medical, deal topped the  app category that are used infrequently and have high churn.
  • Sports score, navigation and weather are apps that used infrequently but deliver very high value .

Compared to Flurry’s 2009 analysis of apps engagement across various categories, 90-day retention rates have increased from 25% to 35%. Additionally, frequency of use has decreased from 6.7 in 2009 to an average of 3.7 now, which is due to increased quality in the market, driven by more competition. With tens of thousands of more companies building apps and hundreds of thousands of more available apps, the quality of apps has risen dramatically.

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